Parenting Programs

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

3 Individual seminars over 3 weeks

Triple P is a system of easy to implement, proven parenting solutions for children 2-12 years old, that help solve current parenting problems and prevent future problems before they arise. Triple P suggests simple routines and small changes that can make a big difference to your family. The three seminars of the series are:

  • Seminar One: The Power of Positive Parenting
  • Seminar Two: Raising Confident, Competent Children
  • Seminar Three: Raising Resilient Children

Please visit the Triple P Parenting website for more information on this program.


Triple P Guide - Parenting During COVID-19


Triple P discussion Group

1 Session

Each workshop focuses on different aspects of parenting. Some workshops are developed from the Triple P tip sheets and in other workshops guest speakers are invited in to talk to adults about parenting concerns or interests. Check monthly calendar or email to book your own one on one Triple P Tip Sheet Session.

In the Know

Individual Sessions

A non-registered informal program during stay and play where parents/caregivers get the opportunity to speak to a professional about topics of concern or interest to them.